4 Winds Volunteers have been leading C. P. Smith students through an exploration of spiders. Here are a few web resources for further exploration.

Britannica K-12 Online School Edition
Visit or call the C P Smith School library for a username and password.
Queensland (Australia) Museum - Spiders

See if you can locate common spiders inside and outside
with The Habitat Game. Use the chart to find a spider
that looks like a bird dropping or one that hunts
small frogs and toads. Identify spiders
by where you found them, what type of web design you saw, or the shape of its egg sac.

A Spider's Silky Strength
Learn about the amazing strength of silk that is spun by spiders from the Science News for Kids web site. You will learn about the legend of how silk was discovered in ancient China, and you will also learn about why scientists today are so interested in silk.

Explore Africa with Anansi

In her pride, Arachne challenged a goddess to a weaving contest but the angry goddess
turned her into a spider. Did you know that not all arachnids spin webs? Learn about some things all arachnids have in common.
Arachnids: Spiders, Ticks and Scorpions
A type of arthropod, an arachnid has an exoskeleton and eight jointed appendages. The most familiar example is the spider. Traits common to many spiders include eight eyes, poisonous fangs, and the ability to make silk thread.