Kristine is working on "the box", which contains all materials for teaching the lesson (except for the dirt), and will have some extra copies of the printed materials. "The box" lives in the copy room near the K-2 wing, usually under the lamination machine. The printable materials are also up at:; this is a shared folder. The "Volunteer packet 2012.doc" is particularly helpful if you're new to the program. The "Weathering and Erosion" folder corresponds to our current lesson; the "Binder" subfolder contains the teaching outline, puppet show script, slide show script, and descriptions of the other activities; the "Slide show" subfolder contains the powerpoint presentation of the slide show.
Once you're ready to head into the classroom, contact the teacher to set up a time, and write that time into the calendar in "the box" so that we don't collide. If you plan to show the slide show, check whether the classroom has a projector. If it does not, then you need to contact Colleen Springer <>, the school librarian, to check out a projector from the library.

If you have any questions or run into any problems, please feel free to contact me, Kristine, Jarlath, or the group at large.